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Elderly Exercises in Miami

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At Abby's Adult Day Care Inc. our guests can stay active and fit through our senior-friendly exercise programs! Call today for more details.

Fun and Accessible Exercise Programs

Experts say that seniors should strive for a moderate amount of exercise and strength training every week. But studies show that less than a third of older adults are meeting their minimum movement requirements.

At Abby's Adult Day Care Inc., we’re convinced that an active lifestyle holds the key to independence and excellent physical health. So, to help your loved ones stay fit as they age, we’ve designed fun and accessible exercise programs adapted to our members' abilities. And don’t forget, we have a physiotherapist on site to address specific concerns and goals at no extra charge!

We believe that retirement doesn’t have to be synonymous with sitting in a rocking chair and watching television. Instead, we encourage our seniors to challenge themselves and look for new adventures every day. Call us for more information.

Adventures through movement


Elderly Exercises Miami
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The Magic Bullet of Daily Exercise

If life offers any cure-all method, exercise might be it. And at Abby's Adult Day Care Inc., we want our seniors to reap all the benefits of daily physical activity. Created with seniors in mind, our exercise programs have been shown to:

As an added perk, our members can enjoy a strong support network where their peers will motivate them to maintain their progress. And in case of any injuries and special challenges, our on-site physiotherapist would be more than happy to help! Call us today!

A strong, motivating support network


Elderly Exercises Miami

A Spring in Every Step

Make their golden years special at Abby’s Adult Day Care Inc. We offer compassionate, health-focused programs to Miami’s senior generation.

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